Ryan Minor

424 15th St · San Diego, CA 92101 · (978) 400-1974 · ryanminor88@gmail.com

Front End Web Developer with experience in technologies such as JavaScript, React, jQuery, NodeJS, MongoDB, Express, CSS and HTML. A United States Marine Corps Veteran with proven skills in flexibility and problem solving that translate seamlessly to approaching programming challenges from various avenues. Talented at collaborating with others to create meaningful web applications.

Not all doughnuts come with a hole but all programming challenges can be solved with enough persistence and cognitive understanding.


I was born and raised mostly by the sunny shores of San Diego, California. My hobbies include immersing in the diverse culture of wine, basketball, perfecting the art of making balanced craft cocktails and video games.

My genuine professional passion is for Web Development and I currently work as a freelance Front End Developer. I love learning new technologies and expanding my horizons!